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Founded by Attorney Bartolomeo Parrino, the Parrino Law Firm provides legal assistance and advice in the field of Penal Law. The Firm boasts a consolidated professional experience in all sectors of criminal law and ensures legal aid before the Supreme Court of Cassation as well as before other superior jurisdictions.
The Firm’s legal defensive assistance is addressed to individuals undergoing investigation, the accused, victims, as well as people held civilly responsible. Those under the legal office’s guardianship are provided customised legal service; clients are guided throughout the articulation of the entire penal proceedings. Consequently, the Firm carries out autonomous defensive investigations aimed at searching for and finding elements of proof useful to the client’s legal aid.
The Law Firm, to this effect, operates across Italy, availing itself of fruitful collaborations via a vast network of highly qualified local professionals strung throughout the territory and having at its disposal an auxiliary force of highly authoritative technical consultants from the many fields of science.This, always guaranteed by the Law Firm’s deontological principles of loyalty, competence and discretion, as well as by the establishment of a direct relation of trust with the client.
The Parrino Law Firm also offers assistance in civil, administrative and/or tributary law cases availing itself of a valid organisation of multidisciplinary professionals, sector specific experts and partners.
Furthermore, of primary importance, the activity of compiling “pareri pro veritate” and professionally rendering them, even on-line which allows the client to have a complete view on the range of possibile solutions to specific legal issues.
The Parrino Law Firm currently has two branches located respectively in Palermo (Via Santorre Santarosa, n.1), and in Partinico (PA) (via Tarollo, n.21).